Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Stephanie Dubious-Assham Answers Your E-Mail

An e-mail I just received from a frequent (and funny) DQ contributor:
What's up with the frequent use of bold type these days?
Is everything OK?
Matthew Kreuch

Actually, Matthew, what's driving the recent use of bold instead of italics is a major shift in the price of the commodities. Raw italics have gone up nearly 50% in price since the beginning of the year, owing to the temporary loss of over 80% of production in the Gulf of Mexico due to Hurricane Katrina. Even if producers absorb part of that price increase, finished italics are still over 30% more expensive than last year.

Unlike most businesses, we always know what our product will sell for: nothing. Selling a product for nothing is a complex enterprise and requires rigorous cost control. As a small operation with no revenue, Dubious Quality has to toe the budgetary line when it comes to word emphasis. Yes, we could purchase futures on the italics market, but highly-leveraged font speculation is something we'll leave to the hedge funds.
Best wishes,
Stephanie Dubious-Assham
Director, Cost Accounting

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