Friday, October 21, 2005

Space Rangers 2 and Windows XP 64-Bit Edition

DQ reader Finn Johansen sent me a note about playing Space Rangers 2 under Windows XP64. It seems that XP64 is not compatible with older versions of Starforce. This means that the version of Starforce used on the Space Rangers 2 DVD won't work.

This sounds like a simple fix. Well, not exactly. Some high-profile games like Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory still don't work with XP64, because the publishers (in this case, Ubisoft) haven't gone through the process to make their game compatible with the 64-bit compatible version of Starforce.

However, the publishers of Space Rangers 2 (Excalibur), did go through the process. Here's the e-mail Finn received back from Excalibur:
Thanks for buying Space Rangers and sorry for the hassle.

We now have updated files for Space Rangers 2 from StarForce. This should allow StarForce to run on Windows XP 64 Bit Edition. You can download them (8 MB in size) from here:

To use them, if you have not done so, install Space Rangers 2 on to your hard drive:
--extract the files from the downloaded zip file.
--place them in the folder containing Space Rangers 2 (default location:"c:\Program Files\Excalibur Publishing Limited - 1C\Space Rangers 2")

Run the game and follow the on-screen instructions.

You should now be able to play Space Rangers 2.
Best regards
Excalibur Publishing Limited

That's a very nice job of customer service for the PC Game of the Year.

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