Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hey, You Got Your Abortion In My Lawn Care!

There are days when it's very hard for me not to write about politics. I see things every day that make me grit my teeth, and since I write so much, it's natural for me to want to write about them. I don't, though, because you guys come here to get away from all that crap. So while I might occasionally write about morons threatening science, or sneak in a reference to something or other, I generally stick to gaming and the absurd qualities of everyday life.

I was reminded very clearly last week of why I do this.

I don't mow the lawn. I've mowed a lot of lawns, it provides no particular thrill, and I'm old. There are a staggering number of lawn-mowing services in this city, and we've used the same one for almost seven years.

When I opened their latest bill last week, a flyer popped out, soliciting donations for an anti-abortion "charity."

Wow. Didn't see that coming.

My first thought was A lot of people mow lawns in this city. Within half an hour, my lawn mowning service was my ex-lawn mowing service, and I look happily forward to bills free of abortion politicking in the future.

I would have had the same reaction if it had been a flyer soliciting donations for the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). It wasn't the position, it was the insertion of politics. Even a solicitation for a true, non-political charity would have have been fine. I just don't want politics mixed in with my grass clippings.

And, I assume, neither do you. So I'll keep writing about gaming and Eli 4.3 and my ass, more or less.

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