Monday, December 12, 2005

Eli 4.4 Meets a Role Model

I went with Eli 4.4 to a local park yesterday, and there we met Fearless Kid.

You remember Fearless Kid. His arm was broken ever summer because he'd jumped off the roof or skateboarded down a steep hill into a car. Fearless Kid always had something broken, but he was still always having more fun than you were.

There was a twelve-year old and his friend in the park, and one of them was a scrawny, mop-headed kid with a big smile.

Fearless Kid.

As he set up a barrier by the swingset that he'd have to jump over or die, his friend said "You're going to get hurt."

"So what? I get hurt every day!" said Fearless Kid, and he proceeded to leap from the swings over this barrier five times in a row, moving it farther out every time. And because he's Fearless Kid, he kept moving it out until he had a spectacular wipeout.

Then he went over to a tall slide on a playscape. We'd been talking back and forth, and I said "No excitement there for you."

He said "I make everything exciting, and with that he climbed to the top of the slide and jumped off. Not just to the ground, but to a neighboring, lower level of the playground. It was a Beamon-esque jump, and the fall alone was over ten feet.

Eli 4.4 said two things the entire time we were there: "That kid is crazy!" immediately followed by "I want to do that."

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