Wednesday, January 25, 2006


From DQ reader Scott Ray, a very fun intelligence test where you try to complete phrases. It's been around for a while, but still very fun. Here's an example of one clue: 66 B of the B. So figure that out.

Here's the link:
Answer 19 of 33 correctly and you're allegedly a genius. No certificates will be awarded. And once you've finished that, try this:
Same style, but much tougher.

Here's an interesting article from New Scientist about dark matter and a new theory of gravity. An excerpt:
A modified theory of gravity that incorporates quantum effects can explain a trio of puzzling astronomical observations – including the wayward motion of the Pioneer spacecraft in our solar system, new studies claim... The theory, called scalar-tensor-vector gravity (STVG), adds quantum effects to Einstein's theory of general relativity. As in other branches of physics, the theory says that quantum fluctuations can affect the force felt between interacting objects.

Very interesting, and here's the link:

Here's one of the funniest Onion stories in the history of the website:

DQ reader Fredrik Skarstedt sent in a link to a story about a publisher that's specializing in republishing abandoned classics like Rez, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, and Gitaroo Man. The company is Game Quest direct, and they have a great idea. Here's the link:

John Catania sent in a link to an old story on Engadget that I must have missed when it first came out. It's an Engadget page "from" 1985, and it really brings back some memories. Here's the link:

Finally, DQ reader Greg V sent in a link to a fascinating story about a public defender in Tampa. This guy isn't your ordinary lawyer, though. Here's an excerpt:
After passing the Bar exam on his fourth try, Charley Demosthenous wasn't exactly a hot property. Even his father thought he should go sell screwdrivers.

It's an excellent, unusual story, and you can find it here:

There. Your entire morning is blown.

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