Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Gorilla In My Midst

Eli 4.7 wanted to go to McDonald's for breakfast on Saturday. I'm not crazy about McDonald's, really, but they have decent pancakes, which he loves, so off we go.

While we're there, somebody's little kid is knuckle-walking and pounding his chest like a gorilla. It's hilarious, but what a goofball.

Wait a minute. That's my goofball.

That's right. Eli 4.7 is knuckle-walking in the booth, then standing up to pound his chest. Oh, and of course he was snorting occasionally and sniffing the air for any sign of trouble.

Predators, you see.

He's been watching the Tarzan cartoon and has developed an affection for Kerchak, the leader of the gorilla family. So he thinks nothing of knuckle-walking in the park or in a booth at the local McDonald's. And, of course, he has to play on the playscape after breakfast, because he's, well, a gorilla.

The toy he got with his pancake breakfast was some kind of motion detector with an alarm--part of the Spy Kids series--and he quickly developed a gorilla-laser scenario where he rescued me while I was eating some hash browns.

Maybe I can teach him sign language.

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