Monday, March 27, 2006

Oblivion Notes

I'll have more on Oblivion for you later today, but here are a few quick notes. First, Francis Cermak sent me a link to a very useful tweaking FAQ. It also includes a link to a mod that will remove the "area loading" screen, which was driving me crazy. It also has a thorough section on performance tweaking. Here's the link:

There's another mod that I installed last night that might be interesting to you. It's the "hunter" mod, and here's a description from the readme:
*Added 1 extra piece of meat to the inventory of Deer creatures and Boarcreatures.
*Created new meat types with full alchemy properties. Wolf Meat, Lion Meat & Bear Meat.(similar properties to other meat types)
*Created new animal hide items and increased the value of existing hides. Increase in values based on the creatures level. New hides include: Deer Skin, Brown Bear Skin, Black Bear Skin & Timber Wolf Pelt.
*Created new Deer Antler item that only drops on male deer corpses. Sells for 15 Gold.

It's a small but very enjoyable mod, and here's a link to the forum thread: Also, here's a download link:

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