Sunday, April 30, 2006

Steam Brigade

Here are some names to remember:
Joel Carlson--Art Director
Kirstyn Fletcher--Musician
Colin Fletcher--Programmer
Micah Joyner--SFX Engineer
Ryan Thom--Programmer/Producer

Who are they? The development team behind Steam Brigade, which is a wonderful, unexpected bit of brilliance. Their company is called Pedestrian Entertainment, and they all have huge amounts of talent.

What is Steam Brigade? It's a 2-D, side-scrolling real-time strategy game, and here's why it's so wonderful: imagine Yellow Submarine meeting Dr. Seuss. That's Steam Brigade. The game is bursting with beauty and style, the music is fantastic, and it's full of charm. It's also completely, compulsively addictive.

A demo? Of course, and you can find it here:
Steam Brigade Demo.

And here's the link to the game's website:
Steam Brigade.

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