Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Here are a couple of kid stories from last week.

Here's one of those "the difference between boys and girls" moments. Eli 4.9 went to a bookstore for a story reading on Saturday. The story was about a monkey, and before the lady started reading, she asked "What would each of you do if you were a monkey?"

"I'd climb a tree," said a little girl.

"I'd eat lots of bananas," said the next little girl.

The next kid was a little boy, and he said "I'd punch a gorilla in the face."

On Monday, we went to the Memorial Day shindig at our community pool. Hamburgers and hot dogs, snow cones, a swimming pool--it was a dream event for little kids.

Once the hamburgers start coming off the grill, people got in line to each lunch, and I saw a man with a little boy about Eli 4.9's age. When they got to the front of the line, the little boy said "I want a cheese enchilada."

His father said "They don't have cheese enchiladas. You can have a hamburger or a hot dog."

"No cheese enchiladas?" the boy asked. "WHAT are we DOING HERE?"

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