Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Man Pretzels

We're at the hotel in Anaheim.

I just had the shocking realization that Eli 4.9, since he's still on Austin time, is going to wake up at 4:30 IN THE MORNING AND WANT TO GO TO DISNEYLAND. Holy Mother of God.

I went downstairs to get him some pretzels as a snack, but I couldn't find the thin ones he liked. This is a problem, because like most four-year old kids, he's very finicky about what he eats.

Being a parent, though, is all about marketing.

"Sorry, Eli, they were out of boy pretzels," I said. "I had to get you some man pretzels. I told the lady you might not be old enough to eat them, but I figured I'd get them anyway."

"MAN pretzels?" Eli asked.

"Yeah, they're not those skinny little boy pretzels you normally eat," I said. "These are huge. Only men can eat these pretzels."

"I CAN EAT THOSE," Eli said. And he did.

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