Friday, June 23, 2006

Sports Links

So is it spelled "footy" or "footie?"

Regardless, here are two links for sports fans (and I'm not sure if either one is safe for work, so please check them out at home if you're working for Big Brother). The first is a sports blog partially written by DQ reader Thom Moyles, an outstanding writer who I've mentioned several times in this space. Plenty of World Cup posts, and they're both well-written and funny. It's called The Middle Foam Finger, and here's the link.

Thom is also serving as one of the live World Cup match bloggers for Deadspin, which is an excellent sports commentary/news site. Deadspin is both irreverant and extremely clever, and you can find it here. Lots of World Cup coverage, but they cover everything else as well.

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