Monday, June 26, 2006

The System

Okay, I think I've locked onto final components for the system I'll be building when Conroe is released. The Intel 975X chipset will support both Conroe and its successor, Kentsfield, which will be quad-core, so in terms of the CPU I should have at least three years before obsolescence. Another nice feature of this board is that while it supports Crossfire, I could use SLI instead by using the Nvidia 7950 GX2, which features Dual GPU's on one board. So going with this board means I can use a multi-GPU solution from either company, and I really like that flexibility.

I've had a very, very good experience with my current motherboard (the Micro-Star K8T Master2-FAR), so I'll try to get an MSI board if I can.

As far as the CPU itself, the E6700 looks like it will be only 10-15% slower than the "Extreme Edition" and is roughly half the price, so that's what I'm probably getting.

I'm still looking for the most efficient and quietest 600w+ power supply.

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