Friday, November 17, 2006

Gaming Notes

Hollywood Mogul 3 has been released and you can download it here. That's a link to a trial version. This game really has a dedicated following, and it combines the depth of a sports text-sim with the subject matter of Hollywood, which is an interesting combination.

DQ reader Dave Kramer has started a new website called Busy Gamer, and it's an interesting blend of news and commentary. There's also a feature called the Busy Gamer Review, which is a short but focused review style.

Chris McNair saw the post about the naval sim pack via Steam earlier this week, and highly recommends going to this forum and picking up some of the add-ons for Fleet Command. He said they greatly enhance the game.

Issue 71 (71! It seems like they just started yesterday) of The Escapist is online:
I have discovered that journalism is a nebulous, nuanced beast which cannot be defined without exceptions, contradictions and much argument. But, in some attempt to discuss journalism further, as it pertains to our beloved Game Industry, we present this week's issue of The Escapist.

You can read it here.

One last note: Gamers With Jobs is starting a reviews section, and I expect it to be as well-conceived and successful as everything else they do. Here's an excerpt from the introduction:
First, I would like to introduce you to a new feature here at Gamerswithjobs. We call it Perspectives, and it is, in many ways, our response to the traditional reviews that many of you have grown tired of reading, and most of us have grown tired of writing. We have found over the life of the site that, while we had a great passion for the current games we were playing, we often felt like the expectations in speaking about those games through the traditional structures were creatively stifling. We always fought with the question of whether you guys wanted to read yet another review for a given game, and so we often stopped short of giving our impression partly for fear of being lost in the noise and partly because reviews are, by nature, dispassionate and thus steer away from what drives us to play games. This feature is designed to free our writers to explore new angles on the game review methodology.

GWJ generally has impeccable instinct, along with excellent writers. That's a great combination.

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