Thursday, November 30, 2006


I'd never heard of accoustic levitation, but it's apparently possible to levitate objects (and small creatures) using accoustic fields. Pretty fascinating stuff, and you can read about it here.

I mentioned the Antikythera Mechanism a while back, and Sirius sent in a link to an in-depth article. And there will be a presentation at an international conference in Greece either tomorrow or Friday. Very interesting reading, and it's here, along with a second article here.

DQ reader Darren Love has a blog (mostly about MMO's) called The Common Sense Gamer and you can read it here. He's writing regularly and he's interesting.

Gwon Chang sends along a link to a blog of a cross-country road trip. It's inspired and very funny, and you can read it here.

From Todd Strobl, a link to an excelllent animated short titled "Rockfish." It's a terrific short and you can see it here.

Brian Witte sent in a link to a study about déjà vu. Here's an excerpt:
A blind man suffering déjà vu. It sounds like a contradiction in terms – but the first case study of its kind has turned the whole theory of déjà vu on its head.

Traditionally it was thought images from one eye were delayed, arriving in the brain microseconds after images from the other eye – causing a sensation that something was being seen for the second time.

But University of Leeds researchers report for the first time the case of a blind person experiencing déjà vu through smell, hearing and touch.

You can read about it here.

NSFW Warning: Todd Strobl sent in a hilarious link to a news story about a new speeding control program in Denmark called "Speed Bandits." The reason the clips is NSFW is because in their efforts to slow down traffic, the police department has hired beautiful woman to hold up speed limit signs--while topless.

You've just gotta love Denmark--that's all I can say. Here's the clip, and unless you work at a very, very relaxed company, it is definitely not safe for work.

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