Wednesday, November 22, 2006

PS3 Auction Prices (Update)

Joystiq has a very informative post on auction prices for both PS3 and the Wii. Here's an excerpt:
Average auction prices for both systems reached a high last Friday, with the Wii going for an average of over $580 (roughly 233 percent of retail) and the PS3 averaging nearly $2,400 sale prices (an astounding 397 percent of the retail price). Since then, prices have come down to more reasonable but still inflated levels, with Tuesday's Wii auctions ending at an average of just over $400 and PS3 auctions averaging just under $1,200.

Lots and lots of detail and you can read it here.

Based on my daily look at PS3 (60GB) auctions, I've noticed two things: the number of auctions has dropped dramatically, and the price (for the lowest ending auctions) is now bumping the $1,000-$1,050 range.

Additional stock has been received at some stores this week (no word on quantities, although I would expect them to be very small), so it will be interesting to see how this affects the auctions.

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