Monday, December 18, 2006

PS3/Wii Auction Update

I may be violating my own embargo here, but I've been tracking this and posting updates since the launch, so here goes.

I looked at 10 consecutive auctions tonight for the PS3 60GB and the Wii. Here are the results.

PS3 (retail price $599):
--$735 (including Call of Duty 3 and Resistance)
--$699 (0 bids)
--$560 (reserve not met)
--$650 (o bids)

Except for the one crazy person who bid $800, the premium for these systems was in the $0-$100 range. The seller who included COD3 and Resistance made $6.02.

Six dollars.

A few days after launch, these systems were selling for a $500-$700 premium.

Wii auctions (retail price $249):
--$449 (including Zelda)

The lowest premium on these ten consecutive Wii auctions was $151 (the auction that included Zelda, if you subtract the price of the game).

eBay is indicating that there is very little demand for the PS3 right now, even with the extremely constrained supply.

Can Sony fix this? Not at $599. They have a marketing nightmare on their hands.

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