Friday, January 26, 2007

A Normal Evening at Home

Eli 5.5 and I were playing the Wii Golf putting mini-game. You get to try putts of varying lengths (and breaks), and you keep putting until you've missed five times.

Gloria was watching us.

I lined up about a thirty-footer and missed it to the left. Gloria said "I knew it was going to break more than that.

"Did you?" I said.

I lined it up again, playing for just a little more break. I putted just as Gloria said "It breaks more than that." She finished saying it just as the ball started to slow and curve toward the hole, dropping into the center of the cup. "Oh," she said.

"Do you want me to turn down the air conditioning?" I asked.


"I thougt maybe you felt a little BURN," I said. Eli fell off the couch laughing.

A few minutes later, he wanted to play Guitar Hero for a few minutes before he went upstairs for his bath. "What I REALLY want is to play Guitar Hero AND have a dessert," he said.

"You can play Guitar Hero OR have a dessert," Gloria said.

"My God, it's Sophie's Choice all over again," I said.

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