Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Post Updates

Target is apparently hoarding Wii's for a Sunday circular, so while they show up in inventory (which is why iTrackr shows them as in stock) , they're not actually being put out on the floor.

However, it's likely that at least a few Targets will screw up and put them out for sale immediately, so it might be worth taking a look if you're near one and are still looking for a Wii.

Second, Sony's promoting itself as having taken the lead in high-definition DVD sales. According to a story over at Next-Gen, Sony says that 439,000 Blu-Ray movies have been sold compared to 438,000 HD-DVD movies.

As I said in the post yesterday, I'd never seen unit sales information, and now it's pretty clear why no one has been releasing it. I'd be willing to be that total unit sales for both formats combined is well less than 1% of the sales of standard DVD's. That's miniscule.

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