Monday, March 12, 2007

Guitar II Hero (360) Demo

I went to Fry's today (looking for a DVD for Eli 5.7, since he is absolutely bored to death after being on the couch for five days) and made a quick pass through the gaming section.

Which is where I saw the demo unit for Guitar Hero II for the 360.

Here's a story that should tell you the kind of hold this game has on people. There was a guy playing a song when I walked up. Standard demo protocol requires that he finish the song and let the next person play.

Forget it.

This guy was hypnotized. He played three songs while I was standing there, and if I hadn't asked him a question during the third song, he never would have even noticed me. Then he asked me if I wanted to play a song, so I played about half of Surrender, just to try out the guitar. Which felt fine, although if you enable Star Power by pressing the Start button, you're going to be pissed, because it's smaller and harder to find now.

The game looked tremendously crisp on the 360. The PS2 version in component mode looks quite good, but the 360 version looks even much better than that.

I went home and then came back about three hours later. There was some sort of wee person dressed like Stevie Ray Vaughan and she was doing just what the other guy had done. After she played two songs (and I gave up and walked away), guess who showed up?

That's right. The guy who had been playing three hours before. I'm betting he'd been in the store the whole time.

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