Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This Just In: Goodbye, CGM

I just received this from someone who wishes to remain anonymous:
Computer Games Magazine is no more. Effective this past Monday, it is shut down. The online portal cgonline.com connected to the magazine is also being shutdown. If you get CGM, the issue you hold in your hand is the last you'll see as they won't be printing further issues The staff found out very abruptly, probably end of last week/weekend.

The parent company to CGM is The Globe (TGLO.OB), the same company who recently got nabbed and fined heavily for spamming MySpace users.

My guess is that to cover costs for the settlement (40 - 120 million under the CAN-SPAM act) they axed the entire games division, which was already performing poorly overall.

I do not have a second confirmation on this. The reason I'm posting with just one source is that I've received e-mail from this person for over two years and I believe they're trustworthy.

I always thought CGM was the best-written and most interesting U.S. gaming magazine in print. They tried hard to be more than just glorified fanboys or a gaming version of Entertainment Tonight.

[Update: Gamasutra broke this about two hours before I did. Read about it here. I guess that means I didn't "break" anything, actually. This just in: JFK has been shot.]

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