Thursday, April 26, 2007

Guitar Hero II (360) Notes

I'm still hanging on to the top 2%--barely. Last night I was in the 5300's out of 305,000 for my campaign score, which is up to about 8.35 million.

Here are a few things I've noticed that might be helpful to you, or interesting, or quite possibly, neither.
--if you want to work on the hand slide, go practice Salvation on Expert mode. There's a section early in the song that methodically walks your hand all the way across the frets, and it does it in such a way that there's no need to flail to keep up.
--Rock and Roll Hoochie-Koo is just ridiculously difficult for me to play, even on Hard. I can't even four-star it at this point.
--there are plenty of songs on Medium difficulty where you can score over 200k points, including Message in a Bottle, War Pigs, Jessica, Crazy on You, Killing In the Name, Madhouse, Beast and the Harlot, Hangar 18, and Freebird. You can score over 300k points on Freebird.
--if I was going to pick a single song as being the most likely target for the 1000 consecutive note achievement, it would definitely be Freebird on Medium. It has 1241 notes and there are no lightning-fast sections that are unplayable.
--like I said in a previous post, most players are definitely going to have at least a few high scores on Medium, particularly in the last two sets. There's not one song on Medium that can't be played with 99% accuracy.
--Frankenstein is incredibly fun to play with the new hammer-on/pull-off timings.
--I didn't like these songs nearly as much as the songs in the original Guitar Hero, but they've really, really grown on me. There are a few stinkers, no question, but most of them are very good, and I think they challenge your skills far more than in the first game.

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