Monday, April 16, 2007

Guitar Hero II: Post-Patch (Not Good) [Now Resolved]

[Okay, I'm an idiot.

When you play bonus songs or downloadable content songs, they get added to your offline campaign score. I didn't know that, because I hadn't played any bonus songs in the 360 version yet.
I played two DLC songs in the last day or so, and when it added those scores to my campaign score, I didn't even notice. Later, when I checked the leaderboards, my offline and online scores didn't match.

I verified that the DLC songs I've played account for the score discrepancy to the point. So that's clearly what happened.]

The way that I've been playing GHII is to play offline until I'm ready to check my campaign score on the leaderboards. Then I log in to Xbox Live, play one more song, and when the game saves it transfers my campaign score.

It doesn't automatically transfer your campaign score if you connect while playing the game, in other words. You have to finish a song (so the game auto-saves) before your score is transferred.

Until now. Now, I have a 60k discrepancy between the campaign score locally on my 360 and my campaign score on the leaderboards. This is after playing several more songs while connected to Xbox Live, turning the console off and back on, etc.

This is post-patch, so I'm wondering if the patch screwed this up.

If any of you guys play offline like I do, then connect to check your campaign score, let me know if this has changed for you as well. Thanks.

What really annoys me is that I five-starred Woman (a hellish song) on Hard and I'm not getting credit in the leaderboards for the extra points I scored in campaign mode. Grrr.

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