Thursday, July 19, 2007


Fate was one of my top five PC games of the year in 2005. It has been described as a Diablo "clone," but that really doesn't do the game justice--it was quirky and full of personality, and it was just impossible to stop playing.

You can see the game's website here.

The game was created by Travis Baldree, who left Wild Tangent in 2005 to join Flagship Studios (Hellgate: London). At Flagship, Baldree was asked to create a game using the core technology of of Hellgate: London, but on a smaller scale, specifically to test the online component.

I probably butchered part of that description, but I think that's essentially what happened.

The game is called Mythos, and it's in beta now. Two DQ readers (at least) are in the beta, and their impressions are highly favorable. There's also a thread over at Octopus Overlords that includes impressions as well as participation by Travis Baldree himself. The game's website is here, and you can see screenshots there as well.

This game has really been flying under the radar, but based on the excellence of Fate, I think it has tremendous potential.

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