Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hook Mitchell

A few weeks ago, I happened upon the last few minutes of a documentary about a basketball player named "Hook" Mitchell.

Playground legends in basketball have always fascinated me, and I've read quite a bit about them, but I'd never heard of Hook Mitchell.

As it turns out, Hook's signature move was a dunk.

Over a car.

He also did 360 dunks over motorcycles, and Gary Payton says he saw him do a 360 over a car once.

Oh, and by the way, Hook Mitchell is 5'9".

He grew up playing with Gary Payton and Jason Kidd, and they both swear he was the best player they ever saw. Brian Shaw, Antonio Davis, and Drew Gooden, too.

What happened to Hook, and the tragic story of why he went to prison instead of playing in the NBA, makes for a gripping film. Here's an Amazon link if you're interested.

Also, here's a highlight video (dunk over car at about 1:00).

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