Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Big Summer Family Vacation™

On Sunday, we leave for San Diego.

A short list of what we'll be doing:
1. San Diego Zoo
2. Belmont Amusement Park
3. Legoland (in nearby Carlsbad)
4. Balboa Park Museums
5. The beach

It's been 99 with blast furnace winds every day for the last two weeks (ah, spring), so it will be a relief to go somewhere where the projected highs are between 70 and 72 degrees every day.

We took this trip before Eli was born, and everything on that list is +10 awesome, so I'm really looking forward to experiencing it again with him. He has such a love for animals, and the San Diego Zoo is going to be a great experience.

We're coming back on Thursday. Don't even think you're getting the week off--I'm writing content that will be posted automatically by Blogger in my absence. In theory.

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