Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Christmas Miracle

In what I can only describe as a Christmas miracle, Head Coach is apparently very, very good.

I can't confirm this myself, as I don't have the game yet. Bill Abner, though, has a serious man crush on the game, and I trust Bill's opinion far more than anyone's else.

In case you're wondering about Madden, don't. Bill pretty quickly established that it's (unfortunately) shit. Well, it's shit if you play against the CPU, which I do.

Bill also dismantled NCAA, and deservedly so, because it was an embarrassment.

So when he says that Head Coach is different, I believe him.

Here are a list of Bill's posts about the game for your convenience:
early thoughts
ratings note (follow-up to first post)
deeper impressions (and notes on the first Head Coach, released in 2005, which was crap)
draft notes (round 1)
draft notes (round 2)
draft notes (overall)
preseason game #2
(sorry, don't know where his post about preseason #1 went)
preseason game #2 (wrap-up)
rest of preseason

In addition, here are some Operation Sports threads:
Lead Designer Q&A
Gameplay Lead Programmer Q&A
Bill's impressions (with designer/developer participation)

Josh Looman (lead designer) has been particularly impressive in the OS threads.

So here I am again: I'm Charlie Brown, running toward the football, waiting for Lucy Tiburon to yank it away at the last second.

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