Monday, November 03, 2008

The Big Halloween Post: A Day I've Been Particularly Looking Forward To, Wiener Pain, And A Random Cyborg Alien

Halloween began on October 25 this year.

Two Saturdays ago, I opened the door to go get the newspaper and saw a Halloween basket on our porch. Incredibly, it was a chain Halloween basket--there was a note inside saying to make two baskets and give them anonymously to friends.

Which we did, obviously, because it was totally cool to open the door and see a Halloween basket.

Eli 7.3 had kicked around at least half a dozen different Star Wars Characters as costume possibilities, but then he got a break. One baby tooth fell out (an incisor, or it would be if it was the grown-up version), so he had a gap, and then (even better) the tooth next to it began to get incredibly crooked in preparation for falling out.

Hole in mouth, crooked teeth--hello, Emperor Palpatine.

As you can see, the results were fairly faithful to the canon:

On Halloween morning, Eli woke up and said "Finally, Halloween! A day I've been particularly looking forward to." No, he doesn't talk like that all the time--usually, he's just a happy goofball--but when he does, it always cracks me up.

We had our fifth annual Halloween party (I think I've written up every one in the blog over the years), and even though most of Eli's friends from early childhood have moved to other neighborhoods now, some of them came back just to continue the tradition.

At one point, everyone was outside on the playscape, and Eli was showing off (not that he ever does that or anything). He was about to slide down one of the side members of the ladder (I had to look that up), and he grandly announced "Now, I'll slide down--but with STYLE!" So he slid down, but on the inside of the ladder, where his crotch met the top rung.


Then he said, "THAT is NOT style. THAT is PAIN in the WIENER."

I was talking to one of the dads, and I mentioned how princesses always seemed to be the favorite costume every year, and he said "Somebody probably keeps a spreadsheet of all the different costumes, then tallies it up and make a graph in Excel. I could see some loser actually doing that!"

Hell, yes, I would. What a great idea.

And here's an even better idea for next year: we could all keep spreadsheets, then compile them into one giant costume graph. Broken down by country and region, of course. Just someone please remind me next year, because I'll probably forget. Being a loser and everything.

Anyway, here's this year's graph (imagine next year with 500+ entries):

My favorite trick or treater was a kid about ten who was wearing a costume I couldn't quite identify. I asked him what it was, and he shrugged and said "Well, it's kind of a random cyborg alien." He got plenty of candy.

When Eli got home from trick or treating, he sat in the La-z-boy and played on his DS for a few minutes.

That's the Martin Scorcese Memorial Camera Angle, by the way.

One day after Halloween, he lost the crooked tooth, and here's one last picture:

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