Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gaming Links

Boy, there is some good stuff to share with you today.

Chris Kohler of Wired has a fifteen-minute interview with Alex Rigopulos, CEO of Harmonix, and it's just terrific. It reinforces my notion that the people who work at Harmonix must be the most collectively interesting group of people imaginable.

I usually can't stand to listen to podcasts, because they usually consist of three or four guys constantly interrupting each other for an hour. The Hatchet Job podcast, though, sounds much more like a radio program, and because of that, it's something I enjoy listening to. Now they have a podcast with Trip Hawkins, and they ask excellent questions. I know, Trip can be incredibly self-serving, but that doesn't mean he isn't interesting.

And, incredibly, there's a Joe Kapp reference (in part one).

They also have an interview with Prof. Charles Spence, the head professor of Oxford's Crossmodal Research Lab, and here's a description of what he discusses:
He studies the human senses and how they interact with each other. In one of his recent studies, test subjects was asked to eat stale potato chips while listening to the sound of crisp chips in headphones. The subjects reported that the stale chips tasted fresh. On this theme, we talked about how video games engage the senses, what happens if your surround sound system isn't set up properly and the lack of smell, touch, and taste in modern entertain mediums, etc.
Thanks to Matt S., who sent me a link to Anandtech's analysis of the new Jasper version of the 360.

Jason Brogden e-mailed me and asked me to mention the upcoming Carolina Games Summit (he's the video editor), so here's a link to the press release.

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