Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We All Wonder

Eli has a friend at school who I privately refer to as The Topper. No matter what ever happens, this kid always claims to have done something bigger and better.

Last week, he told Eli that if he didn't have a sleepover by the time he started third grade, all the kids would make fun of him. It was essential that he have a sleepover. Why, he'd had several, he told Eli.

Since Eli felt like he needed to have a sleepover to not violate this entirely imaginary rule, Gloria mentioned it to this kid's mom. "Well, I'm not sure he's ready," she said. "He's never had one before."

When Eli found out about this, he couldn't believe it. "You mean HE'S never had a sleepover?" he asked. "Now I have to wonder if he ever REALLY went to Fiji!"

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