Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Links!

Leading off, from Andrew B, an absolutely epic article about the unreleased arcade game from the early 1990s named Tattoo Assassins, a stunningly awful Mortal Kombat clone from Data East. There's no way I can even prepare you for the details, but it's great reading, and don't miss the video of some of the fatalities (that put the "great" in "great bad") at the bottom of the article. Another source, with e-mail from an actual developer of the game, is Dan's Tattoo Assassins Page.

Here's the most awesome soda display--ever. Super Pepsi Mario.

From Shane Courtrille, a link to a fascinating article about the placebo effect and how it seems to be getting stronger.

From Kevin Gaughan, a very amusing link about a "moon rock" that turned out to be, um, petrified.

From Dib Oglesby, a link to a story about a quantum computer on a silicon chip the size of a penny.

This is about the first time my home state (Texas) has done anything less than completely stupid in the last decade (at least), so I'm as shocked as you are: Texas begins paying wrongly convicted.

From Andrew B., a link about the relationship between the Super Friends and--Cincinnatti.

From Sirius, a link to a story about Harwell WITCH, the oldest working computer in the U.K. Here's a description:
The Harwell WITCH is a relay-based machine that used 900 Dekatron gas-filled tubes, each of which could hold a single digit in memory. It has paper tape for both data input and program storage. The computer was used in the design of Britain’s first nuclear reactors. (Read more about the computers used at Harwell in the 1940s and 1950s.)

From Texas Monthly, a fascinating article about--tortilla chips. It's Why Are Tortilla Chips So Damn Good?, and if you ever wanted to know the difference between "crispy" and "crunchy," then this article is for you.

From MeanOnSunday, some incredible footage of the Sikorsky CH-53, performing some absolutely ridiculous maneuvers.

From Mark Lahren, some unbelievable raw cockpit footage of the Blue Angels.

From Ryan Leahser, a link to some stunning photographs titled Normandy 1944: Then And Now.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, a story about a solar panel that uses human hair as a conductor.

From DQ reader My Wife, it's Obsolete Technologies: 40 Big Losers.

From Lummox JR, it's 5 Superpowers You Didn't Know Your Body Was Hiding From You. Also from JR, and this site is very funny, it's Probably Bad News. Oh, and you should brace yourself for these photos (which will make you burst out laughing), it's People of Walmart.

From Brian Witte, a link to an astounding article about levitating mice using magnetic fields.

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