Thursday, September 10, 2009

Madden 10: Coach Sliders And Patch Information

I developed a set of coaches sliders for Madden, and I'm very pleased with how they play. Instead of cluttering up the front page, though, I'm just going to link to the post over at the Operation Sports forums. The coach sliders are about halfway down, just below the "play" sliders.

Of course, now that these sliders are as balanced as I can possibly make them, details of the first patch were announced. These are all welcome changes, but it will require all slider sets to be rebalanced. Crud.

Here are the details on the first patch (thanks Pastapadre):

Added Super Bowl and Playoff field conditions in Online Franchise
Fixed false start griefing issue with online games
Fixed video player issues (sometimes video would hang) in Online area
Improved quality of uploaded video highlights
Switched ranked online games to seven minute quarters
Random stability fixes
Added broadcast camera
Tuned slider effectiveness
Made fatigue affect ratings more
Tuned broken tackle chances
Reduced/removed holding on kick attempts
Improved-toe drag catch logic
General pursuit improvements
Man coverage improvements
Fixed double pass online exploit

Lots of good stuff in there, including pursuit, sideline awareness, and holding penalties on kicking plays. All that's missing, for me, is addressing the aggressiveness of the team that is leading during the last two minutes of the first half. Well, the last two minutes of the half and the game both need work in terms of playcalling and timeout usage.

These guys have an excellent sense of their game and what needs to be improved.

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