Thursday, December 24, 2009


I went to see Avatar 3-D this morning at 9:30.

That's right--our local digital cinema is showing it on four screens, and 9:30 was the first showing. It was a relaxing way to spend the morning, particularly when it seemed like 90% of the population was freaking out and flipping each other off over last minute shopping.

It's worth going to see this movie for the 3-D effects alone. Actually, that's the only reason to go see the movie, because in places, it's absolutely beautiful and amazing.

The screenplay, on the other hand, reads like it was written in three days. Clearly, it's in the "spectacle as entertainment" category, which is too bad, because the basic premise of the film is quite interesting and very poignant.

I think someone needs to do an intervention with James Cameron on movie length. There's no sixty minute story that he can't tell in a hundred and fifty minutes. Next time, he should be given a movie length, and for every five minutes he goes over, a finger should be chopped off. His finger.

He can keep the thumbs. I'm not entirely inhumane.

If he wants to make a movie that's thirty minutes too long, he still can, but is it really worth having nothing left but the bloody thumb of one hand and only three fingers on the other?

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