Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Activision: Apparently, You Suck

From Gamasutra:
As of today, the studio has lost 26 employees, according to Kotaku's count -- about a quarter of the talent Activision said it still maintained at Infinity Ward just recently. And LinkedIn profiles first noticed by consumer weblog Joystiq show that two more IW expats have joined Respawn.

Twenty-six freaking people. Or maybe twenty-eight, depending on how you read that last paragraph. 

Do you remember the news item a few days ago mentioning that Infinity Ward was taking West and Zampella's allegedly forfeited bonus and redistributing it among remaining team members? Well, here's the catch:
Rep Dan Amrich confirmed the bonus money would be distributed among remaining staff, but several sources close to the situation have told Gamasutra that employees are being asked to sign time or project commitments before receiving their bonuses.

For Activision, this is very ugly.

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