Thursday, December 16, 2010

Amusing Translation #3

Mike R. said he got a flyer for a new Chinese buffet near his neighborhood. This restaurant has a wooden ship in the main dining room, believe it or not.

Mike sent me an excerpt from their advertising flyer:

From the stormy sea journey to the safety gentle home, the legend of ancient ship with oar sound and sail shadow, steer to the sea from shore and now back form the sea. The ancient ship was ever opening up the broad sea and width sky, now retired, comfortable charm of endless block make furniture means" ship wooden furniture". The shape of fishing boat has kept fully, and is hand crafted made that has also retained its original shipping timber scars, ravines, holes and other signs of water erosion. boats. purify environment.

[an aside: while I think mistranslations are invariably hilarious, I also think it's awesome that someone tries to speak or write in English when it's not their first language. And this country would absolutely suck ass if people didn't come here from other places to live. That's the only reason it's any fun.]

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