Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, a link from Jonathan Arnold. It's an unlikely subject (Anna Nicole Smith), but it's mesmerizing writing: Paw Paw & Lady Love.

From George Politis, and you'll love this: Rice Reacting To Sound Waves.

From Dave Tyrrell, and this requires a short explanation: Spanish football club Getafe are a curious bunch - as Madrid's 3rd largest club, they tend to lose out in the publicity stakes to their larger rivals. So they come out with odd marketing campaigns - a couple of years ago they had a sponsorship with Burger King which only revealed its full horror when you scored:

But now, as their fans have endured another piss-poor season, they've decided that reverse psychology might be the way to go. I'm not so sure...
The Getafe suicide koala

Since we're on a soccer jag, apparently, let me add the video of the most bizarre and incredible shot you will ever see. Oh, and there's one more, and this is one of my favorite links ever: flash mob turns kids' soccer game into championship event. Seriously, you need to watch this video--it will make your day.

From DQ Film Advisor And Nicest Guy In The World Ben Ormand, one of the funniest audio recordings you'll ever hear: 'angry caller' no-texting announcement from Alamo Drafthouse.

From Brandon Reis, a brilliant piece of police work: Missouri police mistake fake alligator for the real thing.

From DQ reader My Wife: if you ever wondered what Leonard Nimoy was doing these days, wonder no more. Also, a link to the fascinating story of German immigrants bringing the accordion to Texas, and how its distinctive sound later became a cornerstone of Tejano music.

From Derek Krause, even even if you don't like Coldplay, this is an amazing video: Strawberry Swing.

From Chris Mattos, a link about Lenny Dykstra, the idiotwho just keeps on giving: Lenny Dykstra Charged With Drug Possession and Car Theft. Oh, and later in the week, he was charged with about a million felonies.

From Shannon Barrett, the technology equivalent of recursive panda: 2D glasses for 3D movies.

From Dave Prosser, a fascinating website: Awesome People Hanging Out Together.

From Glen Haag, and these images are stunning: Endeavour docked at space station.

From Kevin W, and this is amazing: Mesopotamian dictionary completed after 90 years' work.

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