Monday, June 06, 2011

Sony E3 Press Conference

Adult coverage: Chris Kohler liveblog.

My coverage: 3, 3, remastered, 11, remastered, 2, Starhawk, 3, Dust 514 (connects to Eve Online--interesting), 3, 4. Hey, at least there's two new properties.

Move games: Medieval Moves: Dead Man's Quest.

--called the "Playstation Vita"
--AT&T is the exclusive data provider. SUPER FAIL.
--new games called Ruin, Little Deviants, Dragon's Crown. Nice to see some new franchises.
--spinoffs of existing franchises.

Now on to pricing, and holy shit, Sony got something right. $249 for Wifi only version, $299 for 3G/WiFi. That's a win.

Also, a very interesting hardware announcement: a 24-inch 3D-capable display. And here's the hook: it can do split-screen with each player seeing a separate, full-screen view. Very nice.

Just based on the new content and hardware, this killed Microsoft's presser.

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