Monday, June 06, 2011

Microsoft E3 Press Conference

For coverage from a grown-up, see Chris Kohler  here.

For coverage by me, here you go:
--the version numbers of all the games not supported by Kinect were at least 3 or higher.
--Kinect supported: Mass Effect 3, future Tom Clancy games, Xbox Live, Ryse (Roman gladiators), Fable: The Journey , Disneyland Aventures, Star Wars, Once Upon A Monster (Sesame Street), Kinect Sports: Season 2, Dance Central 2.

Don't get excited about the "real games" in that list, like Mass Effect 3. There's either very limited Kinect support (Mass Effect 3) or it's an on-rails game (Star Wars) .


One interesting note: Minecraft is coming to the 360 with Kinect support. Notch can print another ten million dollars (which is okay by me).

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