Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crappy Records You Never Want to Break #7 In A Series

It's been hot this summer.

It's been so hot that "hot" doesn't really begin to describe it. I've been living here for almost 25 years, and there's never been anything like this.

On average, Austin has 13.5 days of 100° or higher per year. Take a look at this summer:

That's what I mean. And we're forecast to be 100+ for the next five days.

Here's another angle. Average monthly high temperatures (going back about 150 years):

June's usually kind of pleasant, really. Now look at this year:

Eli 10.1 has had two flag football practices in temperatures over 105°. I don't think he's practiced once when it was under 100°. There's plenty of Gatorade and water, and the coaches are very careful about including breaks, but it still makes me nervous.

Of course, Eli's still flying around the field 90 minutes into practice, and the other kids are just shuffling around, so maybe I should be worried about them.

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