Monday, October 17, 2011

The Agony And The Agony

With Eli 10.2 on the shelf for three weeks with a broken finger, he wanted to stay in shape for a quick return to hockey when his cast comes off.

I haven't mentioned NFL Training Camp (the best, least-purchased workout program in history) in a while because I haven't tried to do the workouts since I had knee surgery. They are harsh--downright hostile, really--and I couldn't mentally get my enthusiasm to the necessary level.

This was different, though. I wanted Eli to be able to work out, and this was perfect. The game has a mode where you can create a custom workout, and I built a 30-minute workout that focuses entirely on the lower body: squat jumps, lunges, stride jumps, bag hops (sideways jumping back and forth over an obstacle), foot fires.

In terms of difficulty, it's nothing short of filthy.

So we did this workout on Saturday morning, and Eli 10.2 just killed it. He was working hard the whole time, and he just sailed through the half hour. He's 67 pounds of sheer beast.

Beside him, I felt like I was getting hit with a sledgehammer. I haven't done any explosive training since surgery, focusing on endurance instead, and this was the rudest awaking ever. 48 hours later, my quads and adductors are so sore that I'm limping as I walk.

We're doing this workout four days a week, including later today, so it looks like I'm having Advil for lunch.

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