Thursday, December 22, 2011


I rejoined the human race today.

After two weeks of being sick as a dog, with a cough that just never got better, I woke up this morning feeling better. Much better, actually.

Eli 10.4 had a typical day today: two hours of Kinect, an hour plus skating lesson, and an hour and a half of tennis.

Holy crap.

Eli had a skating teacher today who's really something. She was on the national ringette team, back in the day, and she is the warmest, kindest person I know. She's also a wicked good skater, and she worked Eli's ass off today. Eli would skate through a wall if she told him to, and when he came off the ice, he was so tired that he was wobbly.

Of course, we were playing tennis two hours later. We hit for a while, worked a bit on stroke technique, then played a set, which I won 6-1. To put it in perspective, he just started playing in June, I could have played in college (my roommate at the time played on the team, and I beat him consistently), I taught for several years, and he's ten. Ten! But he won that one game fair and square--I wasn't trying to help him.

When we rally now, I hit out, almost never trying to groove the ball for him, and I hit the ball all over the court, at all different heights and spins, trying to disrupt him as much as possible. It's the "Rocksmith" approach, generally--after he developed good mechanics for the forehand and backhand, I want to present him with as many different situations as possible, so that he learns to adapt.

I'm going to take some video next week, which I'll put up for you. He's a superfreak on the court, getting to balls that there is no way anyone should be able to reach.

Of course, after playing two days in a row, he's still bouncing all over the place, and I'm busted up. Bad hamstring, something in my left foot kind of popped yesterday, and my right knee hurts.

In other words, pretty much a regular day. But a good one.

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