Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Vita (part two)

Here's an update on my experiences with the PlayStation Vita.

First, the screen is even more gorgeous than I originally thought. It's razor-sharp, and even better, the colors are calibrated properly. Almost all mobile devices have oversaturated color palettes, because most people like it that way. The Vita, though, has vivid colors that are not oversaturated, with stunning results.

I did something today, in fact, that I've never done before. I played a game in the bathroom. In the dark.

I wanted that movie theater effect.

Playing games in the bathroom, in the dark, can lead to nowhere. All paths end in destruction.

I've also spent a bit more time with Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, and allow me to re-emphasize that this is a wonderful, wonderful game. The back-story (a mutant blob held prisoner in a University laboratory, then escaping) is tremendously clever and very funny, along with entirely "groovy" music and an art style reminiscent of storyboards from classic 1950s-1960s era animation. More importantly, the gameplay is rock-solid, basic platform mechanics enlivened with amusing variety (rocket boosters for your blob, for example). If you have a Vita, you must get this game.

I also received MLB 12: The Show today, and should have impressions on Sony's flagship sports title in a few days.

Look, I don't even know if the Vita is going to make it, what with the fierce competition from cellphones and tablets. Those are legitimate gaming platforms now, with much cheaper pricing and a much wider variety of games. But there are going to be some epic, astounding games made for the Vita, because the hardware is so ridiculously powerful. Even with an uncertain future, there is no doubt in my mind that it's worth the price.

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