Thursday, August 02, 2012


Scott Gould sent me a link to a story about Mountain Creek Water Park (the former Action Park). His friend sent it to him with the comment, "Of COURSE it was Mountain Creek! Traction Park lives!"

Indeed: NJ Water Park Ride Malfunctions, Injures 5.

C. Lee sent me a link to a long article penned by Dan Vavra--yes, that would be Mafia and Mafia 2 Dan Vavra, and I know I bitched about the story in Mafia 2 because it seemed like big chunks of story were cut, and I'm sure they were, but I'm also sure it had nothing to do with Vavra, because he is an extraordinary writer. Anyway, it's a rant about game development, and it's very, very good:
HOW To Make Call Of Duty Killer For Less.

You may remember Jim Gindin, the brilliant mind behind the Front Office Football series. Jesse Leimkuehler let me know that Gindon is on the verge of releasing another football simulation, but this time, it's a board game.

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