Thursday, September 13, 2012

Console Post of the Week (Partially Written by Someone Else This Time)

JF Boismenu sent me a link to one of the most thorough articles on Sony's decline that I've seen. If you'd like to see their problems laid out in clear detail, have a read: The Ten Year Decline of Sony.

Sony's problems weren't all caused videogames, obviously. The collapse of their strategy for the LCD television market has been incredibly costly, and they've had numerous other missteps. But the PS3 is highly representative: over-engineered and overpriced, with a heavy dose of hubris.

Nintendo also announced the launch details for Wii U today.
U.S.: November 18
Europe: November 30

U.S. pricing is as follows: $299 for the 8GB "Basic" unit (which includes an HDMI cable--well done) and $349 for the 32GB "Deluxe" set (which additionally includes "Nintendoland", charging cradles, and plastic stands for the controllers).

This is not looking so good.

I've said this ad nauseum, but the reason the Wii exploded was that Nintendo included Wii Sports as the pack-in game, and it perfectly demonstrated why the Wii was so much fun.

Now? No pack-in with the Basic unit. How did Nintendo not learn this fundamental lesson from the Wii? It's incredibly simple and incredibly obvious, and also apparently incredibly easy to ignore.

One other thing that makes me nervous: no locked list of launch titles yet. Instead, a list that will ship between launch and March. It's two months before launch and they haven't locked in the launch titles yet? That's a concern, and not a small one.

Overall, I'm getting the cold prickly about this launch.

Chris Kohler's write-up is here: Wii U Will Ship in North America Nov. 18 In $300, $350 Bundles. Chris also has an excellent write-up about what Nintendo apparently feels is their secret weapon: Nintendo TVii. It's not, unfortunately: Analysis: Nintendo Bets on TV App to Sell Pricey Wii U.

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