Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Links!

From Jonathan Arnold, and this is fantastic: 200 covers of science fiction books from Penguin. Also, and this is wildly entertaining, it's Baseball Card Vandals.

Jesse Leimkuehler sent in a link to an absolutely riveting article: The Damage Done: Football made George Visger the man he is today--for better and for worse. It's a brilliantly written piece about ex-NFL player George Visger, and when I finished, I was stunned by the quality of the writing. When I saw it was written by Patrick Hruby, maybe the best sportswriter in America today, I wasn't surprised.

From Steven Davis, and this is amazing: Teen Creates 3D Printed, Brain-Powered Prosthetic Arm. Next, art made out of Rubik's Cubes: Dream Big. One more, and it's terrific: Revolution ( Life Cycle of a Drop of Water).

From C. Lee, and this is a tremendous story: People of Timbuktu Save manuscripts From Invaders.

From Chris Pencis, and this is entirely entertaining (and NSFW as well): Blooper reel from LA Noire reveals its excellent motion capture technology.

From Griffin Cheng, and this is potentially incredible: Scientists Find Life in the Cold and Dark Under Antarctic Ice.

From David Gloier, and these pictures are so beautiful: World's most beautiful shipwreck: Haunting hull of Sweepstakes lies just TWENTY FEET below clear blue water of Ontario lake where it sank in 1885.

From J.R. Parnell, and this is fascinating: The UFO Is Fake in Animator’s YouTube Prank — But So Is Everything Else. Also, and how ironic that Monster screwed itself after fleecing the general public for so many years: Beat By Dre: The Exclusive Inside Story of How Monster Lost the World.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, and this is brilliant: The Tiny Transforming Apartment: 8 Rooms in 420 Square Feet. Next, and this is stunning: Vast, hand-drawn maze took seven years to design. Still going, and this is beautiful: Ink Drops Swirling in Water (4K Ultra HD). One more, and this is fascinating: Watch the Solomon Islands Earthquake Travel All the Way to Michigan.

Here's what might be the most impressive unicycling video I've ever seen: Extreme Mountain Unicycling is as Crazy as It Sounds.

From Joshua Buergel, and believe it or not, it's an article about the history of pasta: Pasta's Winding Way West.

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