Thursday, July 04, 2013

Eli 11.11

Eli on cats: "if a cat looks at three people, it'll think 'screw you, screw you, and particularly screw you.' "

That is an entirely accurate description of cats, generally.

Our cats aren't like that, usually, and Eli is their favorite human, by far.

Eli has a tremendous respect for women in sports, mostly because he has some girls in his school who are tremendous athletes (Eli is the best athlete in his grade. Girls are probably #2, #3, and #4.). So he came up with this: "Bows are for ballers."

[If you're not American, and don't know what "baller" means over here, it was originally a reference to someone who was an excellent basketball player. Now, it's kind of morphed into a reference to anyone who's good at a sport.]

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