Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Here's what you might find when you have to replace a ten-year-old dryer and you look behind it for the first time in, oh, ten years:

"What is that?" Eli 12.5 asked.

"Oh my God," Gloria said. "That's your potty chart!"

"What the heck?" Eli asked.

"When you were potty training, I kept a calendar and put a sticker on each day when you used the potty."

"I see kind of an alarming three-day gap there, dude," I said.

He laughed. "I have no memory of those days," he said.

"This is from March of TWO THOUSAND FOUR," Gloria said.

What I remember about Eli's toilet training is that we tried to teach him a little soon, and he wasn't really ready. Then, as soon as he decided he was ready, he basically learned instantly.

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