Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dead Bodies And Such

I was listening to the Dan Patrick Show (excellent) the other day and heard one of the strangest commercials ever.

I'm not going to specifically link to these guys, because the ad was absolutely the worst (preying on fear and paranoia), but the general idea was that you needed to find out if someone had ever died in your house. In fact, the tag line is "Who died in your house?"

This is a thing now?

Allegedly, this can seriously impact home valuation (although in some cities, since people are willing to kill for houses in certain locations, it could get confusing).

What blows my mind is that these guys are advertising on a national radio show. What's the cost-benefit analysis on that?

I actually went to the website. $11.99 for one search. Also, in the "why you must buy this" area, it included this gem:
Looking for former residents who have died?

Asshat Alert!

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