Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Motorsport Manager

If DQ Ideas Man John Harwood kidnapped a software developer and forced him, under extreme duress, to make a video game, it would be Motorsport Manager. Here's an excerpt from the always-excellent Pocket Tactics:
Motorsport Manager is an iOS sim where you play the under-employed billionaire running an auto-racing team... You hire drivers and engineers, build your own test track, and research and improve your car. When race day comes along, you have complete tactical control over pitting and tire choice, and you can even watch each race simulated in real time if you want...

Also in the "buy me" category is the graphics. They use kind of a tilt-shift perspective and look quite amazing. And the graphics are so polished in general that it makes quite an impression.

This is coming out for iOS on July 23. Hit the link for the full preview over at Pocket Tactics, including a trailer.

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