Thursday, November 27, 2014


I meant to post about the build today, but I had some difficulties with the case (the Silverstone FT04, while it has fantastic airflow and plenty of room, doesn't have the build quality of the Antec case  I used previously), and after about five hours of work, I'm stopping for the night.

It's a very, very simple build, but building a computer is never easy for me, and this has been no exception. Screws missing, struggling to figure a few things out (haven't built a system in over 5 years, and man, does it show), wondering if the damn thing will even boot up when I'm done.

At this point, the motherboard, CPU, CPU heatsink, and SSD are installed. The motherboard is in the case. I still have a ton of little things to connect tomorrow (fan connectors, etc.), but the graphics card is the only big part that hasn't gone in yet (like I said, a very simple build).

I did take some pictures that I'll share with you tomorrow, and hopefully I'll have some good news.

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