Monday, December 22, 2014


One of our best friends has a daughter who is entirely adorable. For the last three years, Eli 13.4 has been drawing a picture for her as a present.

She's three now, which seems impossible, and drawing the picture has become a favorite holiday event. Here are a few pictures from this year.

Eli's not an artist, but he's figured out how to use a flashlight and a Pyrex dish to reflect images on the paper that he can trace. The favorites this year were Frozen, Minions, and Lucy from The Lego Movie, plus she's a fan of Arsenal. Here's the sketch:

Here's Eli working away. It took him about two and a half hours to go from beginning to final product.

Here's the finished drawing:

Handmade gifts aren't common anymore, and I understand why, but Eli enjoys giving this gift more than any other one.

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